Best Shows In Las Vegas

It’s not a gamble when you take a trip to Las Vegas; it should be a well-planned and thought out vacation to go to when you’re with your family. Some of them are permanent and then there’s those that are temporary acts. Either way, the Las Vegas trips will be a trip of a lifetime when well-planned out.

Do you want it to be a Vegas trip full excitement and entertainment, not just about the gambeling but about the entire Vegas showcase, the strip, the casinos, the family filled venues and restaurants that are 5 star rated? Well then read on…

These are the most popular showcases and venues that you can experience in Las Vegas this year! 2016 Vegas trips shouldn’t be just another family vacation.

Le RÊVE – The Dream

This show was voted “The Best Production Show in Las Vegas”. The Reve Theater at Wynn Las Vegas which is one of the most talked about shows in Vegas! The age limit is for 5 years old and up. A lively and entertaining showcase that will have your family talking about this for days. The Le Reve, an amazingly beautiful circus showcasing gymnastics, acrobatics with bizarre and incredible, yet decorated costumes with visual effects is one of the most popular shows in Vegas today. With a bit of some similarities to Mystere and O by Cirque du Soleil, there are subtle differences and well worth the viewing.

It explores various visual effects; also, some viewers have said it’s as if you stepped into a dream. These shows are almost surreal, and visually speaking, are amazingly intense and beautiful. When you experience it yourself, you actually feel like you’re in a dreamlike state of mind. In what seems like the audience is underwater, due to the many special effects, some of the acts take place in just that, as if you’re underwater!

The performers illustrate a bizarre audience and performer interaction. As guests will see they will find the performers appearing out of nowhere. The Reve Theater at Wynn Las Vegas is one of the top choices of the best shows in Las Vegas for families, especially with children.

The Reve is scheduled from Friday – Tuesday at 7:00 pm and 9:00 pm.

Cirque du Soleil – O

At the O Theatre in the Bellagio Hotel, this show is revolves around the subjects of Fire and Water imagery. Considered to be one of the most best shows in Las Vegas, in 2016, it features the best in sound and visual effects as well as the best in featuring skyrocketing and spectacular acrobatics. There are many O reviewers and audience members that have said this is the best show Vegas has ever showcased.

In fact, instead of a regular stage, the action pack show takes place under a large water tank. The beautiful image of fire and water mixes well with the entire production of imagery. French for “Eau” meaning water, the name O is what the entire show entails.

Scheduled every night at 7:00 pm to 10:00 pm.

Cirque du Soleil – Mystere

Mystere is performed at the Treasure Island Hotel and Casino. This venue is a colorful and a highly visual show filled with mysterious creatures. Performers are acrobatically fun and thrilling to watch. The performers are not only entertaining, the entire family will enjoy them perform stunts by the talented acrobats. Also, the difference from other shows compared to this one isthatit’s not showcasing a storyline. It’s more of the acrobats performing in their bright colorful costumes, their synchronized acrobatic moves, and their awesome, yet impossible tricks will have families at the edge of their feet. The drumbeats and mesmerizing music that follows the entertainers are as vivid and as alive as any other show. For a family vacation, Mystere is among the best to see with your family. The entire show plays on the audiences’ reaction to the performers and the reaction they will get is more than engaging and fun, it’s mesmerizing.

Saturday – Wednesday, scheduled 2 a day, 7:00 pm and 9:30 pm.

David Copperfield

This show in Las Vegas has been on for years and is a classic favorite amongst visitors and traveler of Vegas. It’s loved by all ages of the audience. One of the greatest illusionist of our time, David Copperfield has one of the most unforgettable performances at the MGM Grand David Copperfield Theatre. This is at the MGM Grand Las Vegas with the option to purchase the exclusive assigned seats.

Cris Angel, Mindfreak Live!

Seen in Vegas only, once again, Cris Angel wil delight audiences of all ages. Cris Angel’s “BeLIEve,” show ran for 7 years plus, now he brings a new show to the Luxor, “MINDFREAK LIVE!” With it, he brings an array of tricks and illusions that will blow any audience member’s mind away with his memorable performance.

Angel showcases his experience from his T.V. show MindFreak, and his talents which are superb. Along with his “vixen of a co-host” illusionist, Chloe Crawford, they put on one entertainment package that will has been enjoyed by millions.

Along with some other entertainers, comedians, dancers, and live musicians, one of Vegas favorite shows is considered, literally, “mind-bending”.

With some being those close up hand tricks, with a state of the art showroom and it’s LED lights and 3-D special effects, Angel’s main elements in illusion (levitation and the straightjacket escape) will keep you mesmerized.

Also, there’s much audience participation which normally will be called upon for participating in his act. His show is received as a timeless classic.

Shows are Wednesday through Sunday, two shows a night, 7:00 pm and 9:30 pm.

Blue Man Group at Luxor

With no words, only beats, this stimulating show will have you at the edge of your seat with it’s weird and disembodied characters, the Blue Men. With the Blue Man Group, no telling what these three voiceless, and earless stars, will give audiences. They have a dose of off-color humor and connect with audiences with their brain functioning showcase that leave audiences awe-inspired.

They give a tad of performance rich acts for a kid-friendly act that’s sure to have some quick and illusive changes that appeal to the entire family.

The main element in one of Vegas’ favority shows is the awesome and amazing invented instruments along with the lighting and special effects. The beats and the Blue Man Group showcases with an unforgettable soundtrack.

Some other shows that are Vegas faves:

  • – Absinthe
  • – Blue Man Group
  • – Jabbawockeez
  • – The Beatles LOVE
  • – Michael Jackson ONE
  • – Tournament of Kings

– Zumanity

So no matter what you or your family plan to see or experience, attending one of these shows will give you a lifetime of memories, but not only because it’s in Vegas, because of the entertainment you all will receive. To much to absorb that there’s not a lot of time to see all the shows, these are only a few but the best of the best shows in Las Vegas for 2016. You’ll have no problem in finding one that will fit you and your family’s needs.

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