How to Get Around in Las Vegas

Las Vegas is a wonderful city and it really has it all. One of the best features about Las Vegas is how to get around in Las Vegas. In this city, if you’re looking to get from the bar back to the hotel, you can definitely walk. It’s okay if you haven’t finished your drink, because provided it’s in a travel cup or just the original container (not the bar’s glasses), you can stroll back to your residence with the drink.

This is a convenient feature that isn’t allowed in most cities. So, the number one way when you ask, how to get around in Las Vegas, is to walk. Las Vegas has great weather, so if it is a nice night, it is great for a stroll. Also, there is a lot of night life in the city, so you can feel pretty safe being out in a nice area doing so.

Another way to get around in Las Vegas is by taxi. This city thrives on tourism, so taxis are always readily available in the commercial areas. If you are at a casino, you can always ask the front desk worker to call you one if you can’t catch one at the moment.

Learn the Bus

Also, it pays to learn the bus and the Monorail routes. This is perhaps a cheaper way to get around Las Vegas, and it can be fun as well. The Las Vegas Monorail actually has free shuttles at their drop off points. The three shuttles available directly from the Monorail are the Rio Las Vegas Shuttle, Sam’s Town Shuttle, and the Gold Coast/Orlean’s Shuttle. There are other free shuttles that leave from areas within walking distance of the Monorail (see the Las Vegas Monorail site at for more details).

The Duece is actually a bus that runs 24-7. The passes for the Duece can also be used on city buses. The Duece stops at all the major casinos, the Town Square Mall, and Las Vegas Discount Mall. A three day pass costs just $20, so it is perfect if you want to spend some days shopping and playing the slots.

The Power Pass

The Las Vegas Power Pass features a free 24 hour ride on The Deuce, which can be picked up at Hollywood Car Museum located at 5115 Dean Martin Drive, #905 Las Vegas, NV 89118 (Just south of Tropicana Avenue) 702-331-6400. The office is open 7 days a week 10am to 5pm. This can be an exciting feature for people that want to save a little money on transportation during their stay in Las Vegas.

A person can also rent a car in Las Vegas. This is a perfectly acceptable option if you want to see things that are a little out of the way and love the freedom of driving in your own vehicle. These rental cars can be picked up at the airport; make note that often rental companies require you to be 25 years or old to actually rent a vehicle under your name.

Here is a comprehensive list of how to get around Las Vegas. They are planning an underground Subway that will service The Strip, however, it will not be open for another two years.

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