Top things to do in Miami

Traveling across the country to a specific destination is what most people do to release stress and take time off from their regular schedule such as work or school. Most are travelers or tourists, retirees, workers on break for the holidays as well as students. If you plan on heading down to visit Miami go these places described below.


Traveling to Florida such as Miami or Miami Beach, you’ll definitely relax year round. As the weather goes, it’s best to look at the, for example.

Miami weather is mostly sunny with the least chances of cold weather. Although Florida does have a reputation of hurricanes during the summer season, it’s over. Only because you wouldn’t want rain which could be rigid enough to stop the traveler from doing anything outdoors, most of the time, it’s warm and sunny.

Places to venture off to in Miami

South Beach

How can you go to Miami without putting your feet in the sand and water? You must dip your toes in the sand when you visit South Beach before you begin your adventures in Miami. South Beach is a “must visit” place. Bottom line: when you want to vacation in Florida, go to South Beach. The clear aqua marine water will give you a landscape that’s all too generous at night as well only because of the neon lit buildings around which is part of the art deco architecture so popular. Go during the offseason which is May through August.

Jungle Island

It used to be called Parrot Jungle Island but when Hurricane Andrew destroyed it in 2007, they changed the name. It was one of the first places to go for tourists years ago. The founders, Louise and Franz Scherr were operated the attraction. In fact, Mr. Scherr owned a feed supply store, so he was knowledgeable with a variety of exotic birds; that includes flowers and plants. He presented guests and visitors the various types of birds and this is what sparked this operation. A million visitor visit this amazing place that takes exotic creatures seriously. Demonstrations and exhibits are only part of the attraction.

The star of the show are the world-famous pink flamingos were featured in the opening credits of the hit series Miami Vice, also became more famous that people would flock to see from all over the world. (

Zoo Miami

Here, you’ll always something to do. Some of the upcoming events are featured on the zoo’s official website. One of the specific goals is reaching out to the global environment through the care and housing of exotic animals and presentations. The global conservation efforts extend largely to the entire zoo’s purpose and mission. (

Perez Art Museum of Art

A modern day museum ( with contemporary art, the museum located on the coast of Miami dedicates it’s exhibit and work of art displayed to the 20th and 21st century artist. By visiting the PAMM’s exhibits while visiting Miami, you’ll appreciate the various community and major geographic areas of the

“Americas”. The “flagship” art museum of Miami, offers a unique shop and a dining restaurant which overlooks the water. You can’t miss the view of the Biscayne Bay and the beautiful art hangings that surround the heart of the museum which provides visitors an educational and community oriented museum that is enjoyed by all who visit.

Miami Seaquarium

The Seaquarium has plenty of things to do that will fill your day while you visit the sea and land creatures. Pet a dolphin, visit the penguins, plus you’ll get an educational course on earth’s most lovable creatures. Sting rays and sharks are just the two of the creatures you’ll walk away from learning about. Seaquarium® which opens 365 days a year, offers marine life exhibits, educational presentations, and fun filled days for those who want to learn about marine life. Embark on the 38 beautiful acres which overlooks Miami’s downtown and skyline area. There are plenty of shows and exhibitions. Since the times vary, travelers and visitors can call 305-361-5705, Ext 0. (


This is the largest subtropical wilderness that protects a large area of land south of Florida sitting on 1.5 million acres of “wetland”. The 3 entrances to the Everglades can be accessed” with a small fee. Go here to see entrances… With a wide area and lots to do, you can take a brisk walk and journey to see the wildlife at the Anhinga Trail for instance.

Herons and alligators are some wildlife you’ll spot, plus you’ll be able to watch some flamingos, crocodiles, and tropical birds. You can even plan a trip to the Everglades and go camping at the 99-mile stretch of wilderness waterway. Discover the adventure which awaits. (

Other places to visit:

Nevertheless, there are plenty of other things to do. A traveler should simply have fun, take lots of pix, and enjoy as many places as they can when going to a place such as south of Florida like Miami.

Other notable things to remember; visiting Miami

You should always take your proper IDs, make sure you have you insurance papers, cameras, batteries charged, reservations made, and knowing your budget really helps. Replenish and refresh your mind with places that educate, entertain, and offer you relaxation and a vacation of a lifetime such as Miami.

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